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Ujumiskalipsod on loodud kaitsma külma eest, muudavad ujuja keha voolujoonelisemaks ja tagavad parema ujuvuse avavees, et ujuja saaks säästa energiat ja kiiremini ujuda.

Three things to know about calypsos: 



You can use any swim tricks you like for training, but if you are taking part in competitions, you must follow very specific rules. Whether you can FINA Race for wearing a hat, depends on water temperature:

 💡Calipso mandatory when water temperature is below 18 ° C;

 💡Wearing the lash between 18 ° -19.9 ° C is optional;

 💡When the temperature is 20° C or above, the wetsuit is not allowed and you must use a normal swimsuit/trousers.  

There are also specific FINA rules on the size and location of logos in competitions. Therefore, if you take part in a competition, you must wear FINA-approved fishing gear. The Arena FINA-approved calipers are All at must carbon wetsuit (one with the only logo on the front) so for men if for women. No other colours may be worn in official FINA competitions.


The Kalipso is made of neoprene panels and insoles of varying thicknesses, strategically placed for optimal buoyancy and comfort. Maximum freedom of movement / naturalness. Calypso is thicker around the middle for better support, but for maximum flexibility. thinner and stretching shoulders around.

Flip-flops usually have a reverse zipper. Do you know why?

If you're a triathlete, a special reverse zipper will make it removal of the fish tippet in the transition area much easier and faster.

As there is no zipper at the neck, the hat is more tightly closed around the edges, to prevent water absorptionwhen you look up to check your position while swimming.

A reverse zipper means that. no one can accidentally get caught in the middle of the race. and open the hat.






The Arena range of hats comes in a variety of designs: Triwetsuit, Carbon, SAMS Carbon, SwimRun kalipso, Powerskin Storm ja Powerskin Thunder.


Arena Powerskin Thunder

Kui teed avaveeujumisega alles värsket tutvust, siis see kalipso on sulle! Arena kalipso Powerskin Thunder on loodud pakkuma parimat ujuvuse, paindlikkuse, termo-kaitse ja mugavuse kombinatsiooni.

Varustatud kõige vajalikuga ning see on valmistatud täielikult kvaliteetsest ja vastupidavast Yamamoto lubjakivi-neopreenist, mis on Resilientkerge ja suure jõudlusega materjal. Neopreeni tiheduse jaotus minimeerib vastupanu löögi ajal ja tagab ujuvuse kõigis õigetes piirkondades optimaalse kehaasendi ja suurema liikumisvabaduse tagamiseks.

Täiustatud disainifunktsioonid hõlmavad hõõrdumiseta kraed, mis on naha vastu pehme, et vähendada hõõrdumist, alt-üles tõmbelukku, mida on lihtne kasutada ja topeltpimedaid õmblusi, mis on 100% veekindlad.

💡Naiste Powerskin Thunder kalipso
💡Meeste Powerskin Thunder kalipso

Arena Thunder kalipso – hea kalipso triatloni tegemiseks


Powerskin Storm

Arena Powerskin Storm kalipsod on valmistatud Yamamoto Limestone neopreenist, mis on vastupidav ja kerge materjal. Materjalil on äärmiselt madal veeimavus, mis võimaldab neopreeni kaalul jääda peaaegu identseks nii märgades kui ka kuivades tingimustes.

Powerskin Storm kalipso on välja töötatud maailma juhtivate sportlaste abiga. Erineva paksusega neopreenpaneelid on kalipsole strateegiliselt paigutatud, tagades maksimaalse ujuvuse, erakordse paindlikkuse ja täieliku liikumisvabaduse.

The special double-layer construction on the arms provides better feel in the pull phase, while the thinner and highly elastic neoprene around the wrists and ankles allows the cap to be put on and taken off very quickly.

Arena powerskin ujumiskalipso

Powerskin Storm kalipso is approved by FINA, ITU, WTC and USAT

Arena lühike SwimRun kalipso

Arena lühikeste varrukatega Swimrun neopreenist kalipso on mõeldud võistlustele, mis hõlmavad ujumist ja jooksmist. Ideaalne triatloniks. Liibuv neopreenist kangas keha ülemises osas ja jalgade ees aitab vähendada veetakistust ja toetab kehaasendit. Väga veniv kangas ja õhuke kiht õlgadel võimaldavad ujumisel maksimaalset freedom of movement.

Hoolikalt lamineeritud neopreenist riie, et tagada vastupidavus ja vähendada hõõrdumist. Eesmised ja tagumised tõmbelukud, mis võimaldavad kiiret riiete vahetust.

💡Naiste SwimRun kalipso
💡Meeste SwimRun kalipso


Triwetsuit are of entry-level design with no internal carbon layer.


Carbonhas an inner layer of carbon fibre around the middle and top of the legs for compression and stability.

💡Women's Carbon calipers

💡Men's Carbon Calipers

❗You can also try on and test swim both men's and women's Carbon calipers in Männiku. Contact us if you would like to try it: or +372 55 563 399

Ujumiskalipsod, triatlonikalipsod


SAMS Carbon

If you're planning to swim in particularly dangerous waters, try the Arena. SAMS Carbon calypso. This is a version of the carbon water kit that incorporates SAMS (Shark Attack Mitigation Systems) technology: a technology patented and developed in Australia. reduces hai attacks Risk tänu vesikonna värvile ja triibulisele mustrile. Hetkel saadaval vaid naiste mudel.

Arena triatlonikalipso

Arena ujumiskalipso


How to choose a hat?

Arena swim trunks are available with long and short sleeves. Long sleeves provide greater buoyancy, but if you want your hands to be freer and feel the water, you should probably opt for a sleeveless cap.

If you prefer something lighter, especially if the water is not too cold, short-sleeved and legged shorts are a good choice.

It should be remembered that the calypso must fit snugly, but must not impede natural movement. A tighter fit on the back ensures that no water enters the calipers. It is worth looking at the size chart to find the right fit.

Swimming wetsuits are completely different from diving wetsuits, so you should use the right type of wetsuit for your hobby.

A hydro suit for swimming is in fact designed to be worn on the surface of the water and to allow for the Maximum set freedom of movement and an ideal location in the water. They are thin and stretchy where more flexibility is needed, with softer seals to prevent rubbing.

💡Select from find men's knickers HERE

💡Valiku find women's knickers HERE

💡Proswim has neoprene accessories - socks and gloves. For women and for men.