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For the Estonians, the European Short Course Swimming Championships in Kaasan were a great success - our swimmers broke several Estonian records, swam in the semi-finals, reached the finals three times and Enel managed to bring home the HIGH MEDAL from the European Championships. 

Only 14-year-old Eneli Jefimova is second in Europe

Eneli Jefimova showed real class in the 100 m breaststroke final, where she won the European Championships. HÕBEDA with a powerful new Estonian record 1.04,25. It should be noted that the last time Estonian swimmers won medals in a championship was nine years ago. Congratulations to Enel and her coach Henry Heine for such a great result!

Women's 50 m breaststroke semi-final received by Eneli ninth place time 30,10. Unfortunately, he was the first to miss the final and was only three hundredths of a second short.

200 m breaststroke came Eneli 19th place with 2.25,07.

Armin Evert Lelle's powerful time and 5th place at the European Championships

Armin Evert Lelle showed excellent form in the 200 m backstroke in the final, where he achieved Fifth place with new Estonian record 1.51,59.

In the 200 m backstroke semi-final Armin's time was 1.52,46, which also marked a new Estonian record. Prior to that, his own Estonian record was 1.52,78.

100 m in the 100 m freestyle Armin semi-finals, where he achieved 11th place With time 51,60.

100 m butterfly semi-final came Armin 16th place with 51,31. Lelle's qualifying time was 51,48.

Daniel Zaitsev sixth in Europe

Daniel Zaitsev in the men's 50 m butterfly finals, where he achieved sixth place at the time 22,51. Only 12 hundredths of an Estonian record was missing.

In the preliminaries of the 100 m butterfly, Zaitsev set a new record. a new Estonian record with a time of 50,50. A powerful time led a man to safety semi-finals, where he achieved 14th place With time 50,62.

50 m freestyle heats repeated Daniel belonging to your name Estonian record 21,39, which took her through to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals Zaitsev swam exactly the same time and finished 10th. Only 6 hundredths of a second separated him from the final.

Also in the 100 m freestyle Zaitsev semi-finals, where it came from 15th place with 51,67.

Cevin Anders Siim

100 m butterfly achieved by Cevin Anders Siim 27th place with a time of 52,45 and 50 m butterfly 29th place with a time of 23,59.

In the 50 m freestyle he came 34th place with 22,43 and 100 m freestyle 29th place with 48,38.

Maria Romanjuk

Maria Romanjuk competed in a total of six individual sub-distances and was also part of the team relay.

400 m complex came Maria Romanjuk 19th place with a time of 4.49,52. In the 100 m complex he achieved 22nd place new with a personal best 1.01,24 and 200 m complex 22nd place 2.14,32.

In the 200 m freestyle, Maria 35th place With time 2.02,69.

100 m breaststroke came Maria 38th place With time 1.08,35 and 200 m breaststroke 26th place With time 2.25,95.


On the last day of the competition, the Estonian team participated in the 4 x 50 m combined medley relay, where they achieved 15th place with a result of 1.43,07. The team consisted of Daniel Zaitsev, Eneli Jefimova, Cevin Anders Siim and Maria Romanjuk.

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