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On 11 May, we spent a summery afternoon with the Estonian swimming team, to whom we distributed Arena equipment. 

30 national team members were invited to the event, 25 of whom were able to attend. It was clear that such an event had been a long time coming, and we were delighted to finally see the swimmers face to face after a long time.

We'll see the teams competing in a number of title events this summer.

This spring and summer's title races:

  • European Championships in Budapest - the Estonians have already made their first start. Sander Paavo swam the 5km open water, where he finished 24th. The starting times for the pool swimmers are. 17-23 May. For more information HERE.
  • European Junior Championships will take place from 11 to 16 July in Rome, Italy.
  • Nordic Youth Championship will take place in Lithuania on 10-11 July.
  • Olympic Games in Tokyo. Swimming takes place between 24 July and 1 August.
  • World Junior Championships will take place from 24-29 August in Kazan, Russia.


Photo gallery of the national team event: