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ujumisriided kooli ujumistunniks

Sügis on käes ja seoses sellega algavad lastel ka ujumistunnid ja ujumistrennid. Praegu on õige aeg üle vaadata, mida kõike ujumistunnis või -trennis vaja läheb, kuidas ujumisvarustust ja -riideid valida ning kust neid leida. 

What do you need in swimming lessons?

Here's a list of the things every child would need for swimming lessons:

  • Swimwear - tights or swim trunks
  • Swimming goggles
  • Swimming cap - mostly everyone is required to wear one, but there are also schools and swimming pools that do not require a swim cap for shorter hair.
  • Rätik
  • Sandals - it is not required, but is recommended.
  • Bag - where all your swimwear fits comfortably
  • Washing products - in particular a sponge and soap or shower gel. In many swimming pools, for hygiene reasons, it is compulsory to wash with soap and sponge before a swimming lesson without swimwear. Children should also wash themselves after a session in chlorinated water.


Let's look at these things separately - how to choose the right things to make your child comfortable in swimming lessons and what to consider.

Which swimwear to choose for swimming lessons?

Swimwear is, of course, the most important thing - it has to be comfortable and fit nicely. Keep in mind that the child can easily put on and take off the swimsuit on its own.. It is also important to note that swimwear does not restrict the child's movement, allowing her to concentrate fully on her swimming lessons.

It's also worth paying attention to the fabric - we recommend you choose the following high quality, quick drying and durable fabric, which tolerates chlorine. For example, Arena swimwear is made from durable MaxLife or MaxFit fabric. The high quality fabric dries wonderfully, has excellent chlorine resistance and UV protection.

Which leotard is suitable for swimming lessons?

We recommend using simple one-piece swimsuit with one cut, which are free of excessive straps and other accessories. It is easy for the child to get on and there is no risk of ribbons or other details getting caught.

The problem with two-piece swimsuits is that they can move around on the back and cause discomfort. One-piece jersey fits securely on the child's back and makes swimming lessons comfortable.

From the Proswim product range we would recommend a swimming lesson for example Arena Solid a jersey knit with a simple cut and a choice of colours.

Comfortable cut Arena jersey for girls

Which swimsuits are suitable for swimming lessons?

Arena swimwear is made from durable MaxLife fabric. The high quality fabric dries wonderfully, has excellent chlorine resistance and UV protection.

Suitable for swimming lessons are boxer shorts, jammers and classic swim trunks. The important thing is that the swimsuits are suitable for the child and comfortable.

From the Proswim product range we would recommend a swimming lesson for example Arena Solid swim trunks with a simple cut.

Arena boys' swimwear

How to choose swimming goggles for your child? Where to buy swimming goggles for your child?

The use of swimming goggles in swimming lessons is recommended in order to. your eyes won't sting in chlorinated water. Before you start swimming, be sure to try on different models to find the most suitable goggles for your face. 

From the Arena selection you'll find a wide range of glasses with different designs. Swimming goggle lenses come in a range of sizes, and many goggles are available with a nose flaps with adjustable nose bridge. The range includes glasses with both dark and light lenses, treated with Anti-Fog protection, plus UV protection. Swimming goggles have durable silicone straps, which prevent the ingress of water.

In proseWhim you will find both girls' swimming goggles as well as boys' swimming goggles.

How to choose and where to buy a swimming cap for your child?

For long hair, wearing a swimming cap is elementary, but many teachers and rules at swimming pools actually require all swimmers to wear a swimming cap.. A swim cap is always a must if you have long hair, including your hair. The swim cap prevents hair from falling out and contaminating the pool water while swimming. Good choices are silicone swim cap as well as woven swimming cap.

For some students, the silicone swim cap pinches and in this case it is a good idea to use a fabric swimming cap as an alternative, which is more comfortable on the head. Many boys also prefer a swim cap made of fabric. 

Find the range of swim caps available in Proswim's online shop HERE.

How to choose the right towel for your child's swimming lesson?

You will also need a towel for swimming lessons, but the usual a terry towel often takes up too much space in a bag. It is therefore advisable to use microfibre towel, which takes up much less space in a school bag and also dries faster than a terry towel. You should also pay attention to the size of the towel - the right size towel is one that your child can put around him or herself if it gets chilly by the pool. Make sure that the towel is not too big, as this can cause the towel to drag along the ground and make it easy for the child to trip.

Microfibre towel that dries extra fast

In particular, the ProSwim shop offers lightweight and quick drying Cocoon towel with microfibres, available in different sizes. The towel is packed in a handy compact transport bag. It is the best choice for swimming lessons, and can be easily packed in a school bag. The luxuriously soft material dries even when wet, as the towel absorbs 4 times its weight in water.

Which bag is good for swimming gear?

Clearly, your child needs to be able to fit all their school and swimming clothes in the bag. The Arena range includes wide range of backpacks, where both fit comfortably. Comfortable backpacks with buckles are. Resilient and have smart solutions for separating wet things. Available in a wide range of sizes, colours and fun patterns, these backpacks are a great choice for swimming lessons.

How do I choose a pair of swimming trunks for my child that will be comfortable in the pool?

Swimming trunks are not usually compulsory in swimming pools, they are necessary to avoid slipping on wet floors. For the pool, towels are ideal, with on the soles there is a pattern. In addition to this, it is worth noting that also the blouse the insole would have texture - see helps prevent slipping and keeps your foot still. 

You will find in Proswim a selection of children's sweatshirts, suitable for wearing poolside or at leisure. 

How do I care for my swimwear and equipment after a lesson?

To make swimwear, and other things you need for swimming lessons, last longer, you should also look after them properly.
After swimming in chlorinated water, be sure to keep all your clothes clean. rinse with water.
Swimwear should be air-dried. If you want to dry your swimwear on a radiator, for example, you should make sure to put a towel in between. 

Where to find the right equipment for swimming lessons? 

Suitable for swimming lessons swimwear, swim caps, swimming goggles and everything else you need can be found in sports shops. - in particular shops specialising in swimming such as Proswim, which has a shop at Tähesaju tee 11 and where you can also order products online: